Honey Oat Bread. S-Bites. PDW Approved.

Posted: December 10, 2014 in breakfast, dinner, lunch
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2014-11-16 16.26.41

bread making ingredients

I love carbs.  Bread in particular is tough to make as the weather conditions are not conducive for cooperation.  I eat Subway whenever I want a carb fix as the bread is similar tasting to home.  It’s static in its consistency.  GF figure she can improve the Subway Honey Oat bread.  Korean bread flour available at 759.  Wheat germ to make it healthy.

Put all ingrediants into a mixer.  Bread Flour, wheat germ, yeast, egg and butter.

2014-11-16 16.20.12

2014-11-16 16.25.10

2014-11-16 18.00.19

2014-11-16 18.00.23

2014-11-16 18.00.32

2014-11-16 19.19.55

2014-11-16 19.21.53

shiny stuff is honey

2014-11-16 19.22.07

oats going on top

Did it taste better than the Subway’s honey oat bread? Yup.

2014-11-16 19.22.12

honey oat bread


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