Mana and eating its slow cooked fast vegetarian food options

Posted: December 2, 2014 in lunch
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My farts smell better already.  If you cut back on meat, vegetables and fruits bring your stomach back to the happy medium.  Mana is vegan organic slow cooked fast food for the white collar workers hell bent on nutrition.  The line up moves quick, the wait time for food is 30mins after ordering leaving just enough time to run back to the office to eat.  I have been putting off eating here as my roommate had a bad experience and complained it was expensive.  Luckily my GF had coupons.  Portion size is big enough to curb a hungry stomach so long as you get the full order.

I had to use the Entertainer HK coupon – buy one get one free.

Prana – cucumbers, sprouts, mint and roasted sun dried tomatoes for $90.

2014-11-25 12.35.24

brown baguette bag to wrap it all together.

2014-11-25 12.36.23

it’s gift wrapped. I would have loved to see and feel the brown deli style wax paper.

The wrap looked nice, white paper with the sticker is simple enough.  If you change to the brown deli style wax paper, it would make this wrap very nostalgic of home.

2014-11-25 12.37.01

before my first bite

It needs more mint and sprouts in every bite.  The sun dried tomatoes were overpowering but cucumbers were refreshing.  4 items for $90.  I wish they had an option for guacamole.

2014-11-25 12.38.18

half way there

I will go back but only with coupons.  This is a great place to find inspiration for foods to make on your own and pack for lunch.  It’s dead simple to execute.  go Mana.

  1. happynfull says:

    I once tried to become vegetarian but as I was driving through McDonald’s I debated between a $6 salad or $1 Hot N Spicy McChicken Sandwich. But these days everything in moderation — even turkey. 🙂

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