Mangoes are always in season

Posted: November 30, 2014 in dinner, snack
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One thing I love about HK is the fact the best fruits seem to always be in season.  Mangoes are a perfect example of this.  I can’t get enough of them.  Do check out the street markets so you develop a relationship with the vendors so they know to set stuff aside for you.

Philippine Mangoes are cheap, $8.  Australian Mangoes are 4x the price at $30.  I have yet to find Mangoes out of India but those are on the list.  India Mangoes are elusive since I am unable to find with relative ease, a venture into the Kowloon side is required.  If you are allergic to mangoes, it will most likely come from touching the skin.  The skin of the mango is from the same family as poison ivy.

2014-11-27 18.58.17

Philippine Mango on the left and Australia Mango on the right

An Avocado thrown into the mix for comparison.

2014-11-27 18.58.38

As always, mango salsa with avocado.  Salsa and Guacamole share many similarities so rather than make it using two separate bowls I throw everything together into one.  Pair it with couscous to keep the meal light and healthy.  Another thing to throw into the mix would be raw almonds.  Everything in the salsa is mushy so raw almonds provide much needed crunch giving the salsa a different texture.

2014-11-27 19.04.14 2014-11-27 19.08.22


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