the only French wine I can stomach, Chateau Mont-Perat.

Posted: November 29, 2014 in wine
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People seem to love to inquire on my favorite French wine.  I disdain French wines for being excessively expensive.  Some do taste very different.  I love wines made with indigenous local grapes found in their areas.  At the end of the day it’s only rotten grape juice and alcohol for me.  I much prefer rotten grapes via Brandy.  If I had to chose a French wine, it would be Chateau Mont-Perat.  There’s nothing distinct about the wine.  It’s a Bordeaux blend in the most traditional sense of the word, small production and affordable.

2014-09-25 16.26.44-2

It’s also the only unknown wine to feature in a Japanese manga comic strip – Les Gouttes de Dieu.  The other wines featured in the manga strip are all grand-crus.  I love affordable things so this is in keeping with my modus-operandi.  It tastes like your very typical french wine, you will need food to balance it.  Guys will love it.  Mellow tannins, oaky, herbs and grape drink.

Mont Pérat - Manga




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