Shun Sushi – the best sushi in Kennedy Town

Posted: November 27, 2014 in dinner, lunch
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Itacho has yet to make its way into Kennedy Town so I am hesitant to eat sushi for fear of disappointment.  Shun Sushi was able to put me at ease as their venue is very well lite and clean.  The inside is bare with folding tables and chairs for diners that want to eat in.  They have a small curation of Japanese alcoholic beverages for you to take home.  I suspect the majority of their business is take-out.  They have a large industrial size kitchen in the back to which all the food is made, cleanliness is one of their strengths as they allow the customers to peer in.  The pricing is very similar to Itacho so the food is affordable.

My go-to Japanese food is salmon sushi, at Shun Sushi it is only $5/piece.  I use to pay $1.50USD/piece but at home so the pricing is better.  Now all we need is to test the freshness.  You need Japanese restaurants with high turnover else they serve you freezer burned salmon.  This restaurant plays to its strength in food quality, I don’t need the outlandish faux Japanese decor nor do I need the conveyor belt sushi.  If the food is good I will return.

The ramen is decent, I had to pay $10 to add the egg to it.  I enjoyed it but do not think I will order again.  I am more a fan of sushi than Japanese soup noodles.

2014-11-22 18.22.15

black garlic ramen -$50, egg is a $10 option

We were expecting the tempura california roll to have shrimp tempura wrapped inside the roll.  Their iteration of the roll is a normal tempura roll deep fried in tempura batter.  It was different and it did not require the sweet thai chilli sauce over top.

2014-11-22 18.22.54

tempura california roll – $38

Sushi.  It’s cheap and fresh.  This is my only pre-requisite for Japanese food.  Their wasabi is individually packed so there is consistency with taste.  You go to Shun Sushi solely to eat sushi.  It will not win any awards as the decor is not over the top but it provides good value.  It is a good venue for dining alone.  The restaurant is located across the street from the new MTR station so it will be quite convenient to buy food to take home.

2014-11-22 18.22.05

assorted sushi – $4-$6 per piece

I finally found a decent sushi place in Kennedy Town without the need to sit through faux Japanese decor that makes me cringe.  The bill for 2 people, $200.

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