Finally a Chocolatier that meets PDW standards.

Posted: November 24, 2014 in food, snack
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Dark Chocolate is hard to find in Hong Kong.  The chocolate is either too creamy or too sweat.  I like mine dark and bitter with a touch of sweet.  These characteristics of chocolate are easy to find if you have a Whole Foods or Costco in your neighborhood.  In Hong Kong, you are dependent on the supermarket duopoly where not local tastes do not matter.  759 has a decent mix of chocolate from Korea and Japan but none to my liking.  The high end chocolatiers with hotel locations can do it but the pricing is too luxurious for an every day staple item, it’s only cocoa.

2014-11-14 16.24.03

Schoggi Meier’s Christmas Chocolate selection

Schoggi Meier is a chocolate company based out of Hong Kong.  The raw materials are out of Switzerland and everyone is made in a factory in Chai Wan (end of the MTR line in the Eastern District of HK Island).  It’s affordable chocolate which I no longer have to bring in from home, saving valuable luggage space for other things.  It is real chocolate made from cocoa butter not vegetable oil.  They guarantee high quality and my gf loves it.  Done.  Good enough for me.


seek out: Homan Yuen,



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