Papaya – superfruit. PDW approved.

Posted: November 18, 2014 in fruit
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Papaya is a bad tasting mango but packed full of nutrients and vitamins that make it better for you.  It will be breakfast food going forward.

2014-10-25 17.59.46

Papaya, Hong Kong. $10 gets you 2.

Papaya, lime, fish sauce and a sprinkle of salt makes Papaya Salad found in most SE Asia countries – Tam Som.

Papaya and lime is the Mexican way of eating it.  It takes the ass taste out of Papaya.

Papaya with dried crushed plum powder is the Asian way to eat it.

I’m going to make a papaya salsa using papaya in place of mango.

I had my first Papaya two weeks ago after researching healthy eating recipes via raw vegetables and fruits.  Papaya tops the list of most super fruits.  I could never get over the ass smell when I was a kid but as with most things, if it tastes bad it is good for you.  Papaya fits this bill.  I had purchased a lemon to sprinkle over top but I got lazy and ate it on it’s own.  Delicious.  The taste grows on you when the more you consume.  I would imagine ginger and papaya go well together.

My previous super fruit of choice was grapefruits but eating it everyday for 2 years tires out your taste buds.  I have been binge eating mangoes for the past few weeks and only stopped once the mosquitoes made frequent visits during the night.  I was a big fan of eating a clove of raw garlic every night but I no longer want to test the patience of the GF; therefore, it will now be papaya until it gives me a coma.

  1. leggypeggy says:

    Thanks for the reminder to add fish sauce and salt. Have always added lime.

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