Hairy Crab Season, the Chinese Mitten Crab.

Posted: November 16, 2014 in dinner
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Hairy Crab is currently in season.  You will find them inside large glass display cases from most seafood vendors.  It’s the perfect time to eat it as the China government officials dare not ingest because of the current anti-corruption graft campaign.  Hairy crab pricing is back to a normal affordable level.

2014-11-16 19.25.42

The Hairy Crab is an invasive species that has spread to Europe.  In Asia, they eat them in copious amounts so the hairy crab cannot wreak the same level of destruction compared to the level of hatred they garner overseas.

2014-11-16 19.34.49

They are so named from the fur found on their claws.  It is a lot of work for very little meat.  The main delicacy part of the hairy crab is the roe found in small amounts under the shell.  Give it a try.  The ideal way to cook it is via steaming in a large pot and dipping the meat in a vinegar/sugar solution.

2014-11-16 19.35.04

I find it most shocking that the hairy crab has yet to reach extinction levels as most Asians are crazy in love with this delicacy.  If it ever reaches extinction level, there is ample supply from foreign markets to replenish the local supply.  I don’t like it.  I need to try everything twice.  First time never counts especially if I dislike it.

  1. I don’t know if I will be able to eat it but will definitely try it out

    • Hairy Crabs for me represent too much work for very little gain. I would take dungeness crab over hairy crab any day. You want to eat hairy crab to do your part in curbing the population size of a invasive predatory species.

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