Hong Kong: Passing out leaflets is the hardest job in the world. Great idea on paper but poor execution.

Posted: November 4, 2014 in POV, shopping
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Hong Kong has an infatuation with passing our flyers and leaflets.  Let’s hire people to stand in areas of high traffic where the lunch time mob will be at their finest – trying to fit leaving the office and eating lunch all within one hour.  In Central, they hire scrawny guys to tell me I need to hit the gym; skinny fat girls to announce a new yoga room is due to open and lastly; old people to pass out restaurant coupons.  The marketing genius to come up with this marketing tactic can be assured of one thing – this has got to be the greatest marketing plan known to man, I am such a genius to develop and execute on this.  TYFBO.

On paper, this idea works wonders but the person that dreamt it up lacks one thing – real world experience.  Why dare I say real world experience?  If the genius had real world experience, they would know most people walking on the street would not take kindly to having a leaflet shoved into their hand.  If this marketing genius had spent time in the field, they would also experience this first hand the inability of their plan to go to fruition.  Most of the angry mob walking out and about have their head down distracted with creeping facebook.  You have just put a barrier into their ability to get from point A to B.  The sidewalks are crowded and you hired someone that does not want to be there crying out for someone to just take notice.  Guerilla marketing in Hong Kong.

2014-10-29 13.11.40

You think he wants to be here doing this?

Another reason passing a leaflet is a dumb idea – your potential customer’s first experience with your company is one of fear and disgust.  You lose the ability to control the customer experience.  Stupid stupid stupid.  I begin to wonder why Hong Kong is stuck in this bygone area of bad marketing.  Everyone from restaurants to pyramid scheme scum utilize this tactic.  It doesn’t work so stop clogging the sidewalks.  Your focus as a company should be developing on developing a better product which consumers will seek out on their own.  If your restaurant was so special and exclusive, you would excel above the white noise that is already rampant.  The act of hiring people to pass out leaflets only show one thing – you are in a death spiral nearing dire predicaments and this is your one last way to juice revenue.  Sorry.  Close up shop early and pocket the rent savings.  You are as good as dead.

2014-10-29 13.03.51

Let’s hand out leaflets and assault pedestrians with paper garbage.

No one wants your paper just as you would not take one when given to you, why would you expect others to feel any different than yourself?  Hong Kong marketing at its finest.  Let us keep doing something even though we know it does not work so at least we have tangible results to show for it.  You want to see results of your labour? check the nearest garbage bin where you will find all your marketing material.  I will do a spot check to see how many leaflets I can pick up in one hour.  The only place in the world where I have seen this other than HK is Las Vegas where they hire the guys to pass out cards offering vices.  They at least make noise to grab your attention.

Gyms in Hong Kong love this tactic too, be in California Fitness, Physical, Fitness First, Hayabusa etc.  A gym doesn’t exactly require hard sell tactics.  You give me a price and if I agree I sign a contract.  I don’t need the whole sit down, drink a class of water, tell me I am fat and how you plan to help me dog and pony show.  They hire a numpty to stand outside their gym location trying to win potential clients through verbal abuse?  Again, you need to control the user experience.  Why would you want my first interaction with your gym to be one of negative?  TYFBO.

If you own a company that is in the process of implementing a leaflet scheme, give me a call.  I have a bunch of ideas to help you gain more traction.


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