Club Bonito – Spanish Food in Hong Kong’s Western District

Posted: November 3, 2014 in dinner, food
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Club Bonito is a Spanish tapas restaurant in the Sai Wan district of Hong Kong island.  It’s the only non-Chinese food joint on Water Street.  I call it a joint as they lack the true restaurant license so they are not allowed to cook food on the premise.  They have the snack food license making them dependent on tapas to go with your drink.  You will notice their food is of the raw variety.  $200 gets you all you can drink wines on any given evening and a plate of tapas.  It’s very Spanish indeed.

2014-10-21 18.40.52

Club Bonito’s Spanish peppers, not spicy and must order.

2014-10-21 20.14.49

Club Bonito’s gazpacho.

2014-10-21 20.26.07

Iberico ham – cut from a whole leg.

2014-10-21 20.46.16

tomato and garlic salsa

manchego cheese

manchego cheese

2014-10-21 20.51.56

diced iberico – this is the portion of ham that cannot be sliced and sold so they repurpose it as diced iberico.

2014-10-21 21.06.40

Spanish blue cheese

2014-10-21 21.27.56

Club Bonito’s seafood paella

2014-10-21 21.42.02

Club Bonito’s squid ink risotto

It’s hard to give a recommendation for Club Bonito as a destination restaurant.  Its location is outside the districts where they would see real competition.  They have a strangle hold for Spanish cuisine in an area where it’s not prevalent nor in demand.  The inability to cook food leaves them serving things I can make better on my own at home.  I watched the plates come out from tin cans and the risotto being frozen with the addition of water on a hot plate to make it ready to serve.  It was not made from scratch which I would normally do at home.  This leaves the restaurant in quite a dire predicament.  It lacks the ability to really shine as food destination leaving the ambiance environment the sole selling point.

Club Bonito’s address: 1A Water Street, Shop 2-2C, Western District.

The fried Spanish peppers are a decent order.  I would never buy a leg of Iberico ham to store at home so this is another must order plate.  The rest of the menu items can be easily made at home.  I purchased a paella kit (comes with pan, rice and flavour pack) from La Fiesta in Central (13 Li Yuen Street East, 1st Floor, Central) and followed their instructions while adding my own seafood, I was able to make the following:

2014-05-25 19.41.37

my own paella using to procure everything

Cooking at home buying ingredients through the fine foods channel may be a way of eating healthy and authentic.  It’s a treasure hunt to procure authentic ingredients for Spanish foods in HK.  I can never find the necessary ingredients at the supermarkets so it was a joy to find wholesalers that supply to the restaurants and hotels.

2014-05-25 19.34.43

It is a sign of going concern when my food can look and taste better than restaurant food.  Club Bonito may be in a death spiral.


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