I saw in the Mong Kok district to take in the student protest resulting in the closure of one of Hong Kong Kowloon side’s major artery – Nathan Street.  Sin Tat Plaza is busier than usual with the HK people busy selling Apple iPhone 6 to the vendors so they can re-sell to the China hordes.  A small selection of phones for sell.  The main bread and butter will be Apple iPhones.


HTC One M7 for $1700, M8 for $3000 and Apple iPhone 5 for $2500

You will need to price shop to ensure you are not prey.  Use craigslist to get a baseline price and convert to HK dollars.


Apple iPhones galore

Look at the segregated pricing for Apple iPhone 6.  Gold colour sells for $500 more than black.  Prices will change constantly.  This is for the new Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, new in the box.  I don’t know why phone users will purchase new products outside of the Apple store, the products sold here have no warranty.  It’s brand new in a sealed box.  I might as well buy new through the Apple channel so I get the warranty Apple Care.  If you go on the Apple store, a 16GB iPhone 6 is $5,588 while Sin Tat is $6,300 while a 16GB iPhone 6 Plus is $6,388 vs $7,300 Sin Tat pricing.  You are better off buying through Apple.


Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus pricing


Hong Kong Mong Kok’s Sin Tat pricing for other model phones. This is the sign board displaying the price vendors charge setting a ceiling. You negotiate down from the displayed prices.

If you are feeling adventurous there is always the vendors located outside Sin Tat on Argyle Street.  Caveat Emptor.  You will need to have the vendor open the product, inspect it and verbally OK it before handing over the money.  Once the money has changed hands they will negate on everything.  You only have a dominant position in bargaining prior to the money changing hands.


Mong Kok’s Argyle Street Apple iPhone 6 vendors

Every traveler needs to make a visit to Sin Tat, the amount of business that runs through this plaza is amazing.  You will find vendors solely devoted to buying and selling Apple products with their little shop bursting at the seams with the newest models.  Apple does a great job in controlling their supply chain and retail experience but the vendors here do a brisk business of buying at retail and selling for a premium making even Apple margins look paltry.  What they lack in margin they make up for in sheer volume.  Capitalism at its finest.  The Apple vendors in Sin Tat have the money counting machines, this speaks to the type of volume that changes hand here on a daily basis.  Please do take in the sights, this is one of the things to do in Hong Kong.  A top 10 thing to do for anyone in HK.  Be shrewd, be brave and win.

  1. Pandu says:

    do you know a store in sin tat plaza that accepts credit card payment?

  2. simjeez says:

    Do you have the price chart up date at sintat for February??

  3. simjeez says:

    Do you have price list update for smart phone at sintat this February?

  4. thibault says:

    i don’t knnow where contact you , i want all the price from this day all phone apple please on the street of cheaper hong kong seller, i give you 5$ for information, thank you very much

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