A Terrible Turkish wine – Gulor 2007 Cot-n

Posted: October 29, 2014 in wine
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2014-10-28 14.39.30 (1)

Winery: Gulor

Varietals: Malbec, Petit Verdot and Merlot

I bought the wine based solely on the high price.  I figure high price would mean high quality as that is usually the case for wine pricing.  It had a high metal taste mixed with cherry cough syrup of the Robitussin variety.  Rather than use the wine to treat ailments, it gave me a nagging cough.  I suspect Cot-n would make a great Draino.  Everything went wrong with the wine.  I handled it like a luxury product and put it through a decanter prior to tasting to let it breathe.  Nothing would help.  I let it rest, did not help.  Handle with care, zero.  Benefit of doubt, none.

2014-10-28 14.39.42

It’s not even a dry tasting wine.  Plum nose.  A failure of premium pricing and marketing the product as a Giffen good.  Ouch.  Heed my mistake, stay away from this wine unless the winery pays you to flaunt it.  A celebrity endorsement may help.


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