Liquid Lunch – Guinness and Tsing Taos

Posted: October 25, 2014 in beer
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2014-09-18 19.56.00-1

I notice some of the construction guys mixing beers with Guinness so I decided to strike up a conversation to see if I am missing out. They do it to make the Guinness easier on the palette and more refreshing to drink. If you are feeling rich, mix Guinness with Blue Girl for a more expensive liquid lunch.  I didn’t dare tell them I mix my beers with juice to lessen the effects of alcohol.  Guinness tastes good on its own so I won’t be doing this again going forward.  Do it to get a feel for real Hong Kong taste buds.  It’s good if you don’t like the bitter taste of Guinness and find beers tasting like piss so mixing both together moves the needle to a happy medium.

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