I spent last sunday (October 12) working out in the sweltering heat.  I figure the sun shine would be a good way to get a healthy dose of vitamin D.  I accomplished everything I had set out to do and gained a mild case of heat exhaustion.  I forgot to do one thing – drink water and find shelter.  HK is hot.  The current temperature in October lacks the crushing 100% humidity so it’s comfortable.  It is starting to cool down so temperature ranges in the high 20s, below the crushing 30s.  You must stay hydrated at all times.  Carry a water bottle with you and you will need to replenish fluids.  I ate a banana and grapefruit after the workout and it did not help my case, too little too late.

Cold teas are perfect for battling heat exhaustion, any liquid so long as it can quench thirst.  Beer would be better than soft drinks.

This is my workout to give yourself heat exhaustion in HK – do the workout topless to maximize vitamin D exposure.

  1. 5 sets of stair sprints – 7 flights of stairs (15 steps)
  2. single leg squats and pushups while walking down the stairs
  3. plank and flying squirrels at the end of the workout
  4. walk/run 4km to cool down (this is where I get heat exhaustion)

Zero hydration for 3 hours.  In the future, any time you are outside in HK you will need a bottle of water or tea to replenish the fluids lost through sweating.  Once you get heat exhaustion it’s too late, your body will feel cold even while it’s hot outside.  This is your body’s ability to regulate temperature being out of order.

2014-10-16 18.07.33

Free Foot Massage – eggpacks on the floor

2014-10-16 18.06.55

parallel bars. pull up bar in the background

2014-10-16 18.06.24

jungle gym. Be creative, be brave.

Hydration is key.  Tea is perfect replacement for water.

  1. grant says:

    what park is this? I am visiting soon and am looking for a workout option like this.

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