Tea: Monkeys Picked Tieguanyin

Posted: October 18, 2014 in drinks, tea
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The tea is earthy with a slight charred apple taste and sweet cherry finish.  I happen to meet the proprietors at a tea convention and they stuffed my grab bag with their wares.  I love the name – monkey picked tieguanyin.  I would pay to watch monkeys pick the tea leaves.  Monkeys in tourist areas of Asia are well known and trained to be pick pockets.  Indonesia is famous for this.

I enjoyed the tea and used the traditional steeping method.  I did drink the first pour (some prefer to pour this down the drain as you are cleaning the leaves).   I’m sure it would go well with ice cream sandwiches and cheesecake.  The apple taste reminds me of candy apples so the next time I buy this to enjoy alongside ice cream.  I was able to steep the tea 4 times before it started to lose flavour.  For the majority of chinese teas, a requirement would be to drink in the morning and early afternoon as late afternoon will induce the inability to fall asleep.

2014-09-30 10.34.56

2014-09-30 10.35.04

One of biggest barriers to buying tea is the large discrepancy in pricing.  I understand vino culture and the history plays a big part in pricing for the elixir of kings.  For tea leaves, history, experience and self selection will set one apart.  One does not want to purchase tea leaves that go through large amounts of processing or cooking so as to allow time to mellow out the flavours yet at the end of the day, the aging process is solely science.  Chemicals can replace time and tea leaves can be purchased anywhere and everywhere.  Tea makes for a healthy substitute to quench thirst.  I try to buy teas from reputable sellers but at the end of the day I am woefully dependent on the faith of proprietors to stand behind their product.  If the tea proprietor is pushy for the sale, walk away.  It’s their chosen line of work to let you sample the goods before purchase.  If the teas are as good as they hope to represent, it will taste great to you.


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