Soccer – Argentina vs. Hong Kong

Posted: October 15, 2014 in beer, POV
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2014-10-14 21.30.35

My first time attending an event at the Hong Kong Stadium in Causeway Bay.  It’s the largest facility I have seen hidden in plain sight.  I am a frequent shopper in CWB and never noticed a stadium.  HK Soccer Federation must consist of some rainmakers, they were able to line up Argentina to play HK.  HK is a district at most and Argentina is a world cup qualifying soccer powerhouse.  A star studded team where even their lowest paid player makes more money than the whole HK team combined.  It was fun to watch history in the making for the Argentine side.

If I was the coach of the HK side, I wouldn’t tell my players to play defense.  The attendees want to see people score goals, HK is no match for Argentina on the best of days. So rather than sit back and hope to nullify an aggressive attack, it would be best to match offense with offense.  7-0 for Argentina.  Argentine stars made it look so easy by scoring at will.  HK soccer federation will either need to disband or combine with China if they hope to make head way when it comes time to qualifying for the world cup.  There is just no way to field a quality team from a population of 7 million where kids do not grow up ingrained in soccer culture.  Kids are groomed in HK for one purpose – to make money.

Note, beers are $115/cup for 1 litre of Carlsberg.  They make you pour out your water bottles before entering the stadium to make it hard to sneak in alcohol.  It’s still cheaper than attending an NFL game.  The game was nowhere near sell out capacity so in the future, wait until the game starts before buying your tickets (cost savings).  It’s impossible to find parking so use public transit.  Traffic will be a nightmare going in and out of the stadium so be patient.  Get drunk.


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