Wui Bo Kitchen is a cantonese dining restaurant in Ktown.  It stands out as a gathering place for dog owners in the morning as they have outdoor seating for over 10+ people.  It’s one of the few places which can allow dogs to congregate, the food is decent as well.  Pricing is affordable and the menu offering is exactly what you expect from cantonese fare.  It beats paying the expat premium at concept type chain restaurants that are sprouting up all over Ktown.

2014-10-04 12.14.35

lunch special – braised vermicelli with beef

I am a big fan of their lunch specials.  Lunch specials range in price from $35-$45.  Order the fresh fish for $45.  You will receive one of two depending on the day.  You will need to order it as soon as you sit down as it takes 10-15 mins to prepare.  The other dishes will arrive in under 5 mins.  Lunch specials have the choice of daily soup or a drink to accompany the meal.

2014-10-04 12.17.38

smaller of the two daily fresh fish option, looks like a piranha


larger of the two, sadly one does not get a choice. This is the fish that brings a smile to my face.

2014-09-14 11.03.53

Dog Friendly. The cutest dog in the world.

Breakfast options are a mix of western and chinese cuisine.  Price range is $20-$30.  If you can hold out, wait for the lunch menu.  Soup noodles with a fried egg and toast on the side.  Most of the people eating outside feed the toast to their dogs.

2014-09-14 10.43.52

duck breast and instant noodles for breakfast $25

2014-09-14 10.43.58

2014-09-14 10.44.02

noodles come with a side of eggs and toast. Eggs for you to add to the soup noodles or eat on their own.

2014-08-09 10.47.46

pickled veggies and minced pork in soup noodles $25 – comes with toast and fried egg

2014-08-09 10.51.27

tomato sauce and italian noodles with fried egg and toast $28.  Canned tomatoes never tasted better.

2014-08-09 10.51.30

the cutest dog in the world in her element

Ktown is home to many family run restaurants and the gentrification of the area will undoubtedly force them out.  I support family run restaurants to the fullest.  A meal for two people will cost under $100 which at a expat joint would be the price for a single alcoholic beverage.  I know family run restaurants put the money back into their community which is more than I can say for supporting a large chain where the owner arrives to do spot checks in a Bentley.  The new MTR station is in Ktown is due to open so I only hope the local nuances of the culture and restaurants can persevere.  Please give this restaurant a try especially if you are a pet owner.  It’s tough for restaurants to be pet friendly in HK.  It’s best to support local.

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