McDonald’s Batman meal

Posted: October 8, 2014 in breakfast, dinner, lunch
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McDonald’s in Hong Kong is featuring Batman. Gap did a batman and superman t shirt last year. Chocolate in hk has advertisements on the tram stating Bruce Wayne wears its name brand.  Hong Kong residents must love the caped crusader. The McDonald’s batman meal is best to avoid. It tastes terrible.  Why th big push towards batman?


McDonald’s is in a tough predicament – how to ensure the customers stay loyally while constantly attracting new.   I love McDonald’s. I can eat it for every meal. Yet every single time I try one of their new menu offerings I’m left disappointed.

It’s tough when new menu items must use existing facilities and supply chains. There’s only so much one can improve on the existing menu so it was shocking to find black pepper sauce in my batman burger. Black pepper sauce and raw onions. The onions should be caramelized.  The least they could do was run it though the burger patty cooker to catch all the drippings. Raw onions were terrible. Black pepper sauce was warm with terrible consistency and taste. Unknown white sauce melted with the slice of cheese.


I love you McDonald’s but the constant disappointment in New menu offerings will make me seek alternate options.  If you’re going to partner with dc comics, I would like a batman toy.  The fries as always is the consolation prize, it always taste right.

I’m boycotting McDonald’s for one month.


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