Occupy Central – proud to be in Hong Kong.

Posted: September 29, 2014 in POV
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GF mask

Students are crushing it in HK, fighting for change that many want.  Students have defied the government and shut down busy parts of the city in protest.  All of this could have been avoided if their elected official had just walked across his front lawn and met with the group of students waiting outside.  CY Leung has a security detail and police force within the confines of his own home, yet he chose to sit in his ivory tower refusing to acknowledge the growing presence of unrest outside.  A leader refusing to lead now showing his true colours.  He may as well continue to wrap himself in new clothes because at the end of the day, he has been caught bare.


I don’t understand cantonese but like any typical transplant – I know how to swear. When the HK people yell at him, all I can make out is eat shit and dog so I guess they call him a shit eating dog?

In my two years of HK living, I would never have expected this.  HK people are passionate in their hatred towards China’s puppet leader yet none are ever willing to do anything but complain.  Students, the future, now take it upon themselves to create change.  The status-quo no longer applies, this is the hallmark of change.  Our parents and forefathers moved away and fought for this right so it only makes sense that we support them to that end.  We have democracy and everything back at home.  HK people should have it too.  They never had it under British rule and maybe democracy is impossible under China, but they should have the ability to elect the representative of the people for their cause.  All China had to do was instill a puppet that can appease the mass.  It’s not hard.  There were so many other candidates to put fourth.  Yet China had to put in place one that is a constant lightning rod of criticism.

The instruction to allow police the use of violence to curb a peaceful demonstration sets CY Leung down a dangerous path.  The decision could only come from him alone.  Police are normal people too.  They are only doing their job, which entails using excessive force to control a civilian peaceful demonstration.  HK police seem to forget their mandate – maintaining public confidence in the force.  They have lost it.  HK Police had the element of surprise and lost it rather quickly.  Police and their tactics are easily overwhelmed, one only needs to look at the past to see the future.   I only hope China does not send in the military.  Police will hate it when the military moves in and treats them like normal civilians.  They will wish they had given the general population the dignity and respect they have now lost.  In areas where uprisings occur, the trouble makers are posted on social media.  It turns out the police using excessive force can no longer hide behind the blue uniforms as the videos to which incriminate them can now be found online, with posts documenting their photo and name for all to see.  Their kids will be so proud – daddy unleashing pepper spray on the elderly and using batons on the unarmed.

bbc photo

taken from the BBC. all support for current regime is lost when you use violence to suppress it.

I can see why students need to protest – the status quo is broken.  China’s stance to only cater to the rich has left a vast majority of the HK population as a have-not.  The status-quo needs to change.  The top 5% obviously want the status-quo, so long as nothing changes they continue to line their pockets.  We live in fun times.  Everything is in flux.  HK students are in the midst of toppling the government.  They have the support and attention of all news outlets on a global scale.  China always a country on a quest to avoid the limelight has been thrust to centre stage.  China government has declared open season on government officials that have moved abroad with the first city on the list – Hong Kong.  Since the start of the anti-corruption graft, China has only looked internally to weed out corruption.  Now they are looking abroad and the money trail is easy to follow.

There are fun times indeed.  I only hope the protests stay peaceful.  Ukraine and Arab countries were able to topple governments with violence.  If the students can achieve their mandate without violence, it sets a great precedent going forward.   On another note, Hong Kong stock markets is down 2.5%, better hold off on this buy opportunity until after October 1 as protests are set to be even stronger.  HK expects October 3 to be the real buy opportunity.  I sat on the fence for this one as I am not a HK citizen nor eligible to vote.  The use of force by HK police to quell and suppress peaceful protests is inexcusable.  HK Police, please do your part and keep those body cameras on the officers.  Hong Kong students, you make me proud to call HK home.  Times are changing and it’s coming.  Fight fight fight!!


  1. Kate says:

    The protest doesnt look like its subsidising anytime, it actually looks like its growing. I wonder what will happen eventually, its anyone’s guess.

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