Gilman’s Bazaar – alternate dining options in Central

Posted: September 29, 2014 in lunch
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Gilman’s Bazaar in Central is inbetween Des Voeux Road and Queens Road Central.  You will know it if you work in the Centre.  L Place is a building devoted to dining and Gilman’s Bazaar is beside L Place, offering more affordable fare.  There are multiple dining options available on this street and they all cater to the lunch time crowds.

This is the scrambled egg place.  There is always long line ups to get in.  They serve scrambled egg and meat on rice.  I ordered the egg & shrimp and egg & bbq pork.  It’s good.  $34 but there’s no soup option.  They also serve traditional chinese pastries which will fill up an office worker pretty quickly with lard – curry pastries, chicken pies and everything else one would expect to be flaky.  $18 for a cold milk tea at this restaurant is highway robbery.  Look around at the patrons and one will find no one orders the cold drinks.  Stick to the food.

2014-09-19 12.25.55

scrambled eggs and shrimp

2014-09-19 12.25.51

scrambled eggs and bbq pork

King Laksa is another option on Gilman’s Bazaar.

2014-09-19 12.15.50

I ordered the curry beef brisket and pork chop & egg.

The curry lacks bite.  It did not have the heat one would normally expect nor did it have the strong coconut flavour.  This is a heavy meal which requires soup to wash down.  No soup option.

2014-09-18 12.48.22

curry beef brisket

The Pork Chop dish would be the one to order.  It arrives with 2 over easy eggs and soy sauce.  This is very stereotypical HK lunch time food.  Trucker’s lunch.

2014-09-18 12.48.18

grilled pork chop and 2 eggs over easy

Gilman’s Bazaar provides alternate dining options.  Wellington Street in Central has Cali-Mex, Nha-Trang and a few Michelin stars that are worth a try but the crowds may scare you.  For half the price of Cali-Mex, diners on Gilman’s Bazaar will receive better quality food and larger portions.  Mexican food has always and will always be a miss in HK so it’s best to avoid.  One may as well enjoy local cuisine so avoid disappointment.  The restaurants on Gilman’s Bazaar do a great job of not disappointing and the line ups will speak to this fact.  Most of the restaurants are surprisingly clean which should not be cause for celebration but HK is a haven for cockroaches and food safety may well become a prime focus.


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