8wired Brewing’s Saison Sauvin

Posted: September 26, 2014 in beer
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2013-08-06 17.09.31

8 Wired is a award winning craft brewery out of Australia.  It tastes very similar to a Hoegaarden but at $60/bottle.  Fruity beer.  I can’t bring myself to rank beers as I do with wines.  For me, beers are either drinkable or not drinkable according to tastes.  Price will dictate if one can consume on a regular basis.  This one is drinkable in hot weather.

  1. dkatharine says:

    I know you like wheat beers but if you can stand hops try 8 wired Tall Poppy. Delicious. Also the price for beers to go in HK is great at HK Brew Craft but you prob already know that. They have a great selection.

    • thanks for the recommendation. Beer Craft is good and I’ll do a write up on it soon. I have yet to finish sampling my way through the parknshop beers. I’m all for craft beers and micro-brews. I love the taste of it so long as it’s different.

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