Jordan – home to Halal food in Hong Kong. Ah Lung Pakistan Halal Food.

Posted: September 17, 2014 in dinner, lunch
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2013-10-02 20.33.01

Jordon district in the Kowloon side is the underbelly of Hong Kong.  Venture past all the glittering lights and skyscrapers in Central and TST and you find a more local offering.  Food vendors operating on the streets, ladies of the night and home to one of the main tourist attractions in HK – Ladies market.  This part of town is the exact opposite of HK Island.  HK Island lives all the suits, Kowloon lives the larger class of population serving all the suits.  You will find cheap food that is delicious.  Ah Lung Pakistan Halal Food is one of such restaurants.

Ah Lung Pakistan Halal Food is curry in a hurry.  The curry has been left to simmer the whole day on its own burner.  You have 2 carb options in rice or naan bread.  Meat options will be beef, chicken and mutton.  There is a vegetarian option as well.  If you plan to order mutton, take a look at the menu price first.  My friend’s grandfather took me here and ordered for me, curry beef briskets, medium spicy and both naan and rice.  I know the meal was cheap.  I came back on my own and ordered the mutton, the invoice at the end was more than doubled.  I made the mistake of ordering mutton thinking it would be similar in price to beef.  The meats melt in your mouth.

2013-10-02 20.42.49

Halal beef brisket curry in Hong Kong

It’s tasty for a Asian palette’s interpretation of Pakistan food.  There’s direct competition in the form of their neighbor so don’t confuse the two.  You want to go to Ah Lung.  The food is affordable at $50 and they give generous portions.  You will have curry seeping out of your pores for days.  I ordered the naan bread alongside the rice to ensure a proper dosage of carbs.


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