Taiwan Beer’s Weissbier

Posted: September 7, 2014 in beer
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2014-08-27 19.12.11

This is a must buy when you are in Taiwan – Taiwan Beer, in the gold bottle.  It’s a wheat beer and perfect to beat the heat and humidity.  It’s refreshingly floral, exactly the type of beer I can drink to crunk.  It was less than $40NT for the can.  Support local.  I want beers to be a reflection of the local taste buds and culture.  This one has a nice murky colour when you pour it out.  I was expecting it to taste like normal plane jane beer so I was shocked to find nice tasting at a low price point.  With my luck and cheap taste buds, I bet this beer was manufactured to take advantage of all the dumb non-TW craving something from TW.

2014-08-30 23.07.30

The last thing I need is to drink imported slop at double the price point of local varieties.  In similar fashion to HK, Budweiser is at the upper echelon of price points at the local 7-11.  TYFBO.


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