Tava Quick – for the LKF horde

Posted: September 3, 2014 in breakfast, dinner, food, lunch
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Tava is Turkish and Mediterranean food.  I have previously eaten at Tava in Quarry Bay and notice their rapid expansion of the brand to Wanchai (convention centre) and Central (lkf). It’s halal food, making it kosher to most people aside from vegetarians.  The QB location is too far off to radar to make regular visits but their new locations make it convenient.  You are what you eat so the best types of food usually dictate the best looking people.  Que Mediterranean diets.

This is perfect hangover prevention food.  It’s also good for lining the stomach prior to a heavy night of drinking at LKF.  Tava Quick is occupies the location of the previous Flying Winemaker (the tranquil oasis inside LKF but away from the hustle and bustle).  Flying Winemaker’s old location was in the heart of LKF, one must wonder how they were able to afford the rents without catering to the LKF hordes.

I have had lunch here on 2 occasions already.  This is the mix donair salad (chicken and beef) for $62.  It has lettuce, onions, tomatoes, carrots and pickled cabbage.  One thing I like about the open kitchen format is the ability to watch the kitchen prepare the order.  I would hate to see them reheat food and use ingredients that have been sitting under a heat lamp.  Tava makes the food as soon as you order it, fresh.

2014-09-01 16.06.43 (1)

They also have 3 sauces for you to drizzle onto the food – spicy, mint and garlic.  I mix the garlic and mint sauce together to dip the fries.

2014-09-01 16.05.30

A better view of the food.  It’s good value.  You will not find anything cheaper in the area nor better at ground level.  No carbs, lots of vegetables and protein.  Tava’s food would be great to line the stomach for a night out on town or post dancing nourishment.  It’s sad they don’t serve alcohol.  This is a quick meal.  Everything is under $100 and it beats most of the competition at the price point.

2014-09-01 16.06.31 (1)

It’s on the corner of Wyndham and D’Aguilar Street.  Mention the blog for 20% off.




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