Fresh Seafood in Chiu Chow style in Hung Hom

Posted: August 28, 2014 in dinner
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You judge a restaurant by the ques outside.  Fresh seafood has been a mainstay in Hong Kong, it’s a port city and pearl of the orient.  Causeway Bay has its under the bridge spicy crab, North Point has Tung Po (in the cooked food centre) and Lamma Island has Rainbow Seafood Restaurant.  These three restaurants were popularized by Anthony Bourdain in his food show No Reservations so they are must-visits for all the travelers while in town.  They are good but they also have the price points to show for it.  They are busy regardless of food quality after being popularized on TV so my journey involves finding the gems among the local establishments.

This restaurant is in Hung Hom, it’s right across the harbour from Central, to the east of TST.  Hung Hom is home to a great many things, one of the most expensive restaurants for Japanese food in Kazuo Okada.  This restaurant has quite the story. Kazuo Okada is the money man behind the Wynn Casinos.  He was ousted last year for trying to develop his own casino in the Philippines.  He’s mega rich by any tangible wealth standard and created a restaurant solely to serve himself.  Everyone is most welcome to dine there, so long as he is not in town.  Hung Hom is also home to a large Japanese and Korean population so one should be able to find quite authentic dining.

This restaurant does fresh seafood in the Chiu Chow style.  The lineup outside on a Saturday night at 830pm.  The restaurant use to throw out tables onto the street for a true street food dining experience but that has disappeared.  Dining can only take place inside the venue, which takes away from the true gritty feel.

2014-08-23 20.43.30 2014-08-23 20.47.50

Don’t let the location fool you, it’s fresh seafood and ingredients, bar none.  By the time we sat down, most of the daily specials were sold out.  It’s best to go early.

Salt water blanched langostines, served cold.

2014-08-23 21.18.12

It’s a lot of work to get at the meat.  The shell has prickly points that will easily fit inbetween the finger and nail.  In typical crustacean fashion, nature allowed these creatures to evolve in a manner where it will take some work but it’s worth the reward.  So long as you let mother nature make you bleed your own blood.  Dip it into the chilli pepper soy sauce vinagarette dressing.

2014-08-23 21.18.17

Vegetables in a fermented bean curd sauce.  Fermented bean curd is a typical asian sauce where it smells terrible but tastes delicious.  Try it.

2014-08-23 21.31.22

Fresh razor clams.  Razor clams are always served with a layer of vermicelli and garlic on top.  It’s one of the few examples of seafood where they don’t want you to eat it on its own to taste the ocean.  Their version had bits of sand which would suggest they did not clean it properly or it was so fresh the clam hung onto the sand implying fresh.

2014-08-23 21.31.19

Fresh fish steamed in a lime sauce.  They carve the fish in half turning each side into a fillet.  No bones to pick out of the fish making it easy to handle.

2014-08-23 21.35.39

A meal for 3 people at $540.

It’s located on the corner of 8 Bulkeley Street (and Ming On Street) in Hung Hom.  Take a look at Google maps, you will see the restaurant was super small when google did their initial drive by for Street view.  Now it takes up most of the block.  Service is nothing to rave about but they go out of their way to seat you and ensure you are familiar with their ever changing daily menu.  You may want to call ahead to make a reservation but doubtful your table will be ready for you when you arrive.  Phone 96859419.

  1. Kate says:

    Is it any good? I am now staying in hung hom but havent been exploring the area

    • It’s delicious. I would fanthom you at staying at either harbourfront or harbourview horizons. Venture into the city, it will surprise you. Kowloon city is even more fun and well known for its Thai food. I will blog about more hung hom eats soon.

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