Making HK fast food meals healthy v1

Posted: August 22, 2014 in dinner, lunch
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HK restaurants love to serve meat.  HK is a carnivore’s paradise.  There’s an abundance of meat at every price point, it’s affordable and readily available.  My favorite post workout meal, breasts on rice, is a perfect example of this.  HK people find value in their meals when there is a lack of vegetables and an abundance of meat.  In North America, people go on the vegetarian diet to save money.  Vegetables are cheap and meat is expensive.  In HK, it’s the exact opposite.  Meat is cheap.  Restaurants want you to see their value proposition by serving up large quantities of meat at low price points.  There’s only one issue, I can never beat feeling lethargic afterwards and siestas have yet to become the norm.

In keeping with my mantra, I will put anything in my mouth so long as you can tell me it is good for me, this is my dinner for the past few nights.  I no longer battle the lethargic feeling after eating and it feels great.  It leaves a great taste in my mouth and the finish is wonderful.  The actual taste will take some time to adjust.  I have never eaten so much snot in my life, especially in the summer.  It must be the onions.

Ingredients are simple: half a red onion, one glove of garlic and breasts on rice from the BBQ stores.  Don’t be cheap and use a normal onion, it’s bad enough with a red onion which is suppose to be sweeter.  At the counter, ask the store to lay off the ginger & spring onion oil and soy sauce.

2014-08-19 20.06.11

Dice the garlic and onions and throw it on top.  If you are truly lazy, pop the clove of garlic into your mouth first so the meal fixes the bad taste that will linger.  It takes a while to adjust but you will feel better after the meal.  The perfect dessert after this healthy post workout meal would be a grapefruit.  There’s no beating the white rice but the grapefruit’s high citrus acid content will hopefully make the rice easier to digest.


Mix the onion into the rice.  If you can’t get over the taste, add a bit of salad dressing, ponzu sauce or balsamic vinegar and olive oil to make is easier on taste buds.  You are eating raw onions and garlic so the health factor is the main reason to do this to yourself.  Raw green vegetables seldom taste good so I’ll be on a quest to find balance next.  I may have to incorporate raw broccoli and vegetables with other colours to liven it up.  You will need your raw vegetable meal to incorporate colours as each colour will bring something different to the table.


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