Lobster Pasta with 759 ingredients

Posted: August 21, 2014 in dinner, food, lunch
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Whole Lobsters are available at 759 for $80. Canadian lobsters so they are out of the East Coast. $10USD will not net me a lobster on the West Coast yet I can buy the China allocations cheaper than the pricing back at home. I would imagine most fresh seafoods available in North America have been steadily increasing in price over the past decade. The majority of the fresh seafood will be earmarked for the China market ASAP leaving the local market with the leftovers.

Everything is cheaper at 759 vs the duopoly of ParkNShop and Wellcome.  So long as 759 stocks the item, you are guaranteed to save money.  They bypass the existing license holders for the HK territory and source it abroad.  San Pellegrino is $35 for a case of 6 vs one bottle for $12 at the duopoloy.  If you plan to be a smart consumer, look into 759.  The rich tycoon owners of parkNshop and Wellcome do not need your money.  The only bad thing about 759 is they only sell dry, can and frozen goods.  You will still need to find a source for fresh produce and vegetables which are readily available at the street markets.

Cook pasta according to the instructions. The pasta is the korean version available at 759.
2014-08-13 17.14.27

Garlic, shallots and onions.  At the street markets, I paid $5 for a row of 3 garlics, $5 for a bag of shallots and $3 for a red onion.
2014-08-13 16.49.05
2014-08-13 16.49.09

Add hot chilli peppers, remove half the seeds.  $5 for a large package of hot peppers.
2014-08-13 17.03.17

759’s $80 Canadian Lobster, remove the meat as the lobster has been previously cooked and frozen.
2014-08-13 17.03.23

Mix all the ingredients together with butter, salt & pepper to taste.
2014-08-13 17.15.45
2014-08-13 17.14.21

Your meal should turn out like this under proper lighting.  Half a lemon per serving.  Lemons are $10 for 3.  A meal for two for under $100.

  1. dimshum says:

    no way..I thought 759 was just a shop that sold Japanese snacks! Will have to pay a visit now! The pasta looks delicious 😀

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