Chan Kan Kee – Michelin star Chiu Chow in Sheung Wan

Posted: August 6, 2014 in dinner, lunch
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I’m not a big fan of roast goose.  It’s fattier than duck and I already avoid duck meat unless it’s a special occasion.   I am running out of dining options and being a creature of habit enables me to be a staple at the cooked food centres.  It’s time to sample the other restaurants in the area.  Chan Kun Kee has multiple locations, they have a Sheung Wan location on Queens Road.  They are a Michelin star chiu chow food restaurant so you will need to order the goose.


Chiu Chow food is most famous for its marinated goose.  The lunch special is $50.  The daily soup cost another $12.  Rice dishes generally come with soup as part of a lunch special.  I guess Michelin star establishments use their new status to warrant a la carte pricing.


Their cold drinks come in plastic containers so you can take it back to the office.  It was fun watching the employer drop lemon into the cold milk tea while the lemon tea lacked lemons.


This is Chiu Chow congee.  It is rice in soup lacking the congealed congee consistency.  $50.


Chiu Chow food is also known for their meat/fish balls.  The meat/fish balls came in noodle soup with seaweed over top. $50.  There’s nothing special about the meat balls, soup and noodles.  I don’t think it’s worth the premium pricing.

This is Michelin star Chiu Chow food.  I have now tasted the full gamut of Chiu Chow from Cooked Food Centres to Michelin star restaurants.  The Michelin star pricing is not high by any means but larger portions and the inclination to consume cheap alcohol makes a strong case for the Cooked Food Centres.  Neptune Chiu Chow in TST East makes food the traditional way so it is made right.  This restaurant is part of a chain with multiple locations so I suspect quality control may be suspect.  I will not be a regular customer at this restaurant for lunch.  I may give it a try during supper if I happen to be in the area with hangry friends in tow.



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