Lebanon’s Domaine Wardy Private Selection White Wine

Posted: August 5, 2014 in wine
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Domaine Wardy is one of many wineries in Lebanon. Its the oldest of the new breed of Lebanese wineries.  It sets itself apart based on its long history. They grow their grapes at high elevation and its led by a female wine maker, Diana Salameh. I feel the best example of their wines is their Private Selection labels. They make a white and red version of the Private Selection. Their white wines seem to be their strong suit.  I prefer Lebanese wines over French wines.

The white wine version of their Private Selection is bottled in the Riesling fashion. It’s a blend of Muscat and Viognier grapes. Less than 2000 bottles are made every year making it quite special. This is my favorite wine out of their stable. It has a sweet tinge, not very floral and dry tasting.  The wine has spent 12 months aging in oak barrels.  I’m suppose to taste papaya, hazelnut and dried apricot to which my palette was neither able nor willing to discern.  45% muscat, 50% viognier and 5% chardonnay.  I would imagine the oak barrel aging took out the normal white wine flavours so it tastes different.

2014-08-04 11.36.57

It’s a good wine to beat the heat.  I love to mix white wine with sparkling water to give it fizz.  It makes it easier to drink and it tastes better than beer.  People may see it as blasphemy but to each their own.  It’s a pricey wine at $280 per bottle.  I don’t drink to get drunk.  I add sparkling water to make it more refreshing, at the very least it’s San Pellegrino.

  1. leggypeggy says:

    It’s nice to see Lebanese wines doing well. We bought many cases of wine from cellar doors there when we lived in Syria and Lebanon in the early 1980s.

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