Greek Wine – PEZA Union Crete’s Vin De Crete

Posted: July 31, 2014 in wine
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I am only a fan of wines made using indigenous non-French grapes. The rich can support the aristocratic French wineries. I plan to stick to wines made in the most traditional sense meant solely for local consumption.  Grape vines grown for wine production seem to sprout out in areas not fit for agricutlture, mountain slopes and high altitudes.  This would be sustainable industry if most vineyards subscribed to this mantra.  There is no need for mass production wines, especially wines made with chemicals (ala Australia’s Yellow Tail) to make it taste right. The economic rut in Europe has forced many wineries abroad to seek out new markets for their wares, nowhere is this more apparent than in Greece.

I was able to sample a wide selection of Greek wines at the Guangzhou International Wine Festival.  The only wine to pique my interest is not currently available in Hong Kong.

Peza Union Crete is a Greek cooperation specializing in olive oil and wine.  This is their take on table wine.

2014-07-21 14.47.44

2014-07-21 14.47.59

This wine is also available in tetra pak cartons, which I hope will catch on and become the container of choice for wines.  The wine is cheap, $2USD cheap.  It is strong tasting so it would be best to drink it alongside food.  There is nothing special about the wine except for the low price point and scarce availability.

  1. I spent a couple of years in Germany. While there I got to sample the local wines from both the side of the road, the local festivals, and the castles in the area. Those are a completely different taste that what we expect in a commercial wine. And I feel much is missed/lost in the translation between local wine and commercial seller.

    • Local wines tastes so much better. I wish wines would go back to only serving the needs of their immediate local consumer so visitors can actually taste the nuances of their different growing conditions.

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