China’s YanJing beer

Posted: July 30, 2014 in beer
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Cheap beer available at Wellcome.  $30 for 12 cans.  Budweiser cost $90 for 12 cans putting it in high end territory for the Hong Kong market.  Every other beer in the HK market, Guiness, Blue Girl, Heineken, Stella is cheaper than Budweiser.  It’s shocking to see the difference in target markets for Budweiser beer in Asia.  I would not drink Budweiser back home even though its the cheapest offering in the beer aisle and now I’m in  Asia to see Budweiser being the most expensive.  YanJing is the exact opposite.  It’s the Budweiser of Asia, cheap beer, large production and available everywhere.  A better tasting option would be Tsing Taos but YanJing serves a different purpose.

It would taste better with a slice of lime or lemon.  Citrus acid makes beer taste better so I plan to add a sliver of grapefruit to each can.

  1. BCbrews says:

    Yanjing’s purpose is to satiate China’s masses and it tastes like it. But in Hong Kong, you have Hong Kong Brewing and Young Master with a higher purpose, never mind many other good imports that you can’t get at Wellcome, Park N Shop, or 7-Eleven.

    • Yanjing is so bloody cheap that everyone can afford it. Young Master beers taste good and they infuse it with local ingredients but you would only drink a pink and call it a night. Yanjing serves a higher purpose, drunk.

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