GoGoVan – moving made easy

Posted: July 28, 2014 in POV, shopping
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GogoVan is the Lyft and Uber equivalent in Hong Kong. It matches people requiring the services of delivery vans to van operators. Before the advent of GoGoVan, the van operators would park on the side of streets hoping consumers will notice their vans and the telephone numbers splashed across the side. There was no real avenue for the operators to market themselves and chase business, GoGoVan has changed the the landscape making it easier for anyone to find a ride (so long as you have something to move from Point A to B).

The app is quite user friendly, you set the route and it provides a quote. Once you confirm the quote, the app does the heavy lifting. The app sends the quote out to all drivers so it’s a race to see which one is the first to respond. It keeps the driver honest in this regard as only the drivers in the vicinity will want your business and the app already sets the price so you no longer need to worry about the meters. A key function of the app is the GPS location of your driver so you know where they are in proximity to you. They don’t need to call to say they will be there in 5 mins as the app will show their location. The driver will meet you at the location you specify, you load the goods into the back of the van and away you go. It’s very similar to a taxi service with a large cargo space.  They can even drive you to the airport in the event you cannot hail a cab.

GogoVan does not charge a transaction fee so all the money is paid to the driver/company.  Don’t bother booking the driver outside the app as it will set you up for disappointment.  They will over allocate their schedules taking in the most business possible, which entails delays for you.  If you stick to using the app, the drivers will forever be on your schedule.  I have since used the app on 3 occasions.  EasyVan is the competing app to which I have yet to try but most drivers use both apps so I suspect service levels will be similar.

The app is quick and easy to use but lacks the ability to make a payment via credit card. You will need to have cash on hand to pay for the service. To grow, they will need to conduct the transaction making it seamless for both parties. They need to control the money rather than allow people a venue to conduct the transaction.  Controlling the money gives the app company all the consumer demographics data plus it makes it easier to repeat business.  It would be godsend if they can have the ability to take Octopus card.  I know the taxi service was testing Octopus payments a few years ago.  If Gogovan or Easyvan could implement Octopus payments into their system, it may be the tipping point for wider acceptance.


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