Korean Food in Sheung Wan – Korea Garden Restaurant. Avoid.

Posted: July 23, 2014 in dinner, lunch
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I was craving Korean food and the only restaurant in the vicinity I can afford is Korea Garden Restaurant. TST has a street dedicated to all things Korean Food – Cameron Road. Raw marinated meats, fresh made kimchi and korean markets. Jang is Central is known for its authentic food and $200 all you can drink soju. I loathe to eat at all you can drink establishments for date night. Korea Garden Restaurant fit the bill and they were quick to accommodate.

I love the small dishes that come with the entrees, kimchi is delicious and healthy.  The seafood pancake was overly greasy and I found a strand of long hair in there.  It’s time to allow management to shine and test their damage control.  They offered to make a new pancake for me to which I declined.  They removed the pancake and rather than taking it out back to further inspect, they decided to conduct their forensic investigation right beside me, all the while moaning and groaning away in Cantonese.  I was hoping they would comp the pancake as I had elected not to take a new one.  Nope.  This is HK.  If you ordered it, regardless of the fact its inedible and not up to your expectation, they will expect you to pay.  Note taken.

2014-06-13 20.56.18

The stone rice was decent.  It was nothing special.

2014-06-13 21.00.59

Korea Garden Restaurant provides a decent korea style food in a Cantonese fashion.  I did not see any korean people making the food nor patronizing the restaurant.  It’s a good place to sample kimchi and other small dishes but be sure to inspect your food properly.  I would seek out other restaurants next time I am in the quest for Korean food.  There are not many korean dining options in Central/Sheung Wan.  It would be best to avoid this dining establishment.


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