A real HK dining experience in Jordan

Posted: July 21, 2014 in dinner
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This restaurant straddles the border between TST and Jordan.  It’s located in Jordan right off Austin Road.  One cannot miss the giant que of diners anxiously awaiting their meal inside.  Don’t take the ramblings of the staff to heart and leave your ego at the door.  The restaurant provides a dining experience like no other.  Tables are crammed into every little nook to maximize space, it’s efficiency (as a measure of space occupancy) will be at a all time high.  Get use to your neighbors as you will straddle them with every breath you take.  Sang Kee is one side of the dining experience in HK and this restaurant is the other.  You go here for one reason – quality food at a low price.

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Fried Squid priced around $70.  Big, juicy and plump here vs. tiny and more expensive at Sang Kee.  This dish could have used more fried garlic and garnishing over top.

2014-07-11 19.23.58


Vegetables cooked in soup.  This restaurant does not do daily soup specials so their soup offering is not worth purchasing.  This dish is the perfect way to eat healthy and gauge their soup stock.  It doesn’t taste half bad.  Giant gloves of fried garlic accompany the vegetables.

2014-07-11 19.38.22


Lotus root cakes.  The fish paste lacked the distinct dried orange peel flavour.  Lotus root was not prevalent in every bite.  It was half the cost of the Sang Kee lotus root.  The dish came piled high but lacked flavour.  My stomach disdains overly greasy foods.

Each dish around $70.  Take your time eating there, you may find the service rude and curt at times but this is typical of HK dining establishments.  They expect you to know the type of dishes you plan to order prior to seating.  They need high customer turnover to pay the rent.

$238 for two people.  Stay away from the seafood at this restaurant.  If you must order it, ask the price so you don’t get sticker shock.  On a previous occasion at this restaurant we didn’t have enough cash to pay, we didn’t think the meal would cost too much as it’s comparable to street food dining. We were wrong.  If you order the fresh seafood offerings, expect the bill to increase substantially to the point of fine dining.   They do not take credit cards so have cash handy.  Pay close attention to the item cost.  They have an ability to pad and artificially inflate the final bill.  It’s good food so long as you stick to their menu offerings.  If the menu shows seasonal price, stay away.

This lady would be the responsible for your wonderful dining experience.  Please don’t feed her.  I guarantee you will remember her.

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  1. noahsin says:

    Jordan is the place to be!

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