Forecasting the future: Give me your secrets @ Wong Tai Sin temple

Posted: July 13, 2014 in discovery, POV
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2014-06-17 15.03.44

Wong Tai Sin MTR stop is named after the Wong Tai Sin temple.  The temple is a great place to spend a few hours.  Questions requiring an answer leaving you unable to sleep are best brought here.  If you have questions which require an act of god, this will be the place to find the answer.

2014-06-17 15.05.31

On entering the temple, the statues depicting the Chinese Zodiac signs are on your left hand side – 12 animals.



2014-06-17 15.25.44

You will come upon a giant open area with incense filling the air, people will be kneeling and shaking a wooden box until 1 of 100 sticks fall out.  This one stick will be the answer to the question bothering you.  The box and number is free.  I got 73.  You return the box and continue along the path which will lead you to rows upon rows of fortune tellers that can interpret the number for you.  The fortune teller will charge you a $25 fee for the service.  The fortune teller told me there are 3 sticks out of 100 that are the best.  73 is 1 of 3.  His interpretation, everything I touch will turn to gold.  Great.  Now if only my precious metals heavy stock portfolio will turn around and start flying again I will be happy.

The Wong Tai Sin temple is a great way to spend a weekend afternoon.  The Wong Tai Sin MTR station also has its own outdoor dai pai dong street food vendors.  Al fresco dining being the norm here.

WTS street food al fresco

Wong Tai Sin’s Da Pai Dong has 4 restaurants.  2 are open for breakfast and lunch and the other 2 are only open for dinner.

WTS al fresco

This is the entrance to the area.  I went during lunch.

WTS food

Food was not spectacular.  Pricing was more expensive than the street food vendors in Hong Kong Island.  I would not venture out here to dine at the market but if you happen to go to the temple, the al fresco dining would be a nice venue to enjoy a relaxing ice cold milk tea.


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