Harboe’s Bear Beer

Posted: July 10, 2014 in beer, drinks
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2014-07-08 23.09.09-2 (1)

A cold beer is the only drink to quench thirst in Hong Kong’s hot and humid weather.  Beers are great for mingling as everyone loves it.  Bear Beer is everything a beer should be, drinkable and low cost.  I bought a 12 pack for 32 HKD at the local Fusion (ParkNshop).  It’s not going to win any awards anytime soon for its distinct funky flavour profile as its rather bland.  It’s a low cost beverage fit for anyone and everyone to consume.  At its current price point it is cheaper than buying bottled water.  It will be tough to find an imported beer for cheaper than Bear beer.

The beer would taste better if you pour it into a glass and add a wedge of lime or lemon.  One craft beer will cost the same amount as my 12 pack, if the craft beer is able to prevent or lessen my beer belly, I can make the business case to consume it under health benefits.  Yet beer is beer and I get a buzz either way.  Do I really need to lighten my wallet while doing so?  I love craft beers like the next person.  Craft beers are great if I am consuming one beer but more than one and I need to start watching the wallet so I don’t get sticker shock when they hand me the bar tab.

If you don’t need to look cool at home, this is a decent beer to drink.  No one will know.  Give it a try.


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