Visitors to HK generally spend most days sight-seeing or stuck in meetings.  Either way the hotel room is solely a place to catch up on rest.  If you need 8 hrs of sleep and another few hours for puttering around, the hotel room sits empty for the majority of the time.  There’s another way to get better value and only paying for the service when you require it – Saunas.  This is a very Asian thing to do.  The same rule applies to China.  Saunas are everywhere in Asia and many are open 24 hrs.

Service apartments in Hung Hom, Harbourview and Harbourfront Horizons are now available for rent on a daily basis.  The introductory price when you sign a 6 month to one year contract is $16,500 per month.  To rent the same suite as a hotel is $1000/night.  For $1000 you get a suite with 2 rooms and a full kitchen with access to their clubhouse and amenities.  The trade off being the hotel is on the Kowloon side.  The 5 star hotels in TST East: Shangri-La Kowloon, Intercontinental and Marco Polos are a minimum of $1500/night for one bed and also on the Kowloon side.

Harbourfront Horizons offering for $1000/night: 1 queen bed, 1 single bed, normal NA side bath tub and shower, non-squatter toilet and all the amenities you would expect back home.  It would shock you to see the value per dollar at some of the other hotels at a similar price point.  Mention this blog when you book for a discount.  I recall somewhere in the neighborhood of 20% off.

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Ritz Carlton at Kowloon’s Elements requires $4000 before you get a suite.  It’s luxurious but cost too much money.  The mention of this blog for a discount will get nothing.  It’s the Ritz.  There is no discount for anything, expect to pay for all the little things: wifi, wake up call, room service, newspaper and fluffers.

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Many visitors to HK will undoubtedly take in the nightlife.  HK’s nightlife can be described with three letters: LKF (Lan Kwai Fong).  There are two hotels with similar names, Hotel LKF and LKF Hotel.  Hotel LKF is $3000/night and in the heat of the action.  LKF Hotel is further away but still within the district of Central and $1500/night.  Victoria Hotel and Hotel Mingle are a chain of hourly hotels all over HK.  You only pay for the time you are present which makes it affordable.

Hotels run close to 95% occupancy in Hong Kong so the rules of booking closer to your arrival date and via priceline do not apply here.  The China tour groups and exhibition attendees along with all the flying business travelers make Hong Kong a highly coveted destination.  A hotel is license to print money so they are always expensive.  To book a hotel and spend the majority of your time outside of the room would seem rather wasteful.  Take advantage of the abundance of saunas all over Hong Kong, there are quite a few in the district TST East.  For $500 HKD you get a one hour massage, access to their steam room, hot tub and whirlpool, lounge with TV and wifi, and all you can eat food and drink (non-alcoholic).  They do not do multiple entries so only go there late at night when you know for certain you are winding down and preparing for bed.  Windsor Spa ( is where I have sent friends in the past.  You get to stay there for a maximum of 10-12 hours so it’s ample time to sleep and rest.  Later in the evening, you can ask for a room as their clientele dwindles down rather than sleeping in the main area on a giant lazyboy recliner.

If I plan to travel through HK without a corporate expense account, I would plan to sleep at the saunas.  I pay a lower rate and I get a one hour massage.  With a corporate expense account I would not book a hotel under $3000/night.  There’s a few Starwood Hotels in HK: W and Sheraton, all on the Kowloon side.  If you must stay on the HK Island side, look for hotels outside of Central and Wanchai to save money.  There’s the Regal Hotels with locations in all the busy areas.  Shangri-La has its Traders brand in Kennedy Town.  Stick to saunas and spas, you can’t go wrong by saving money and relaxing with a massage.

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