Gadgets.  Hong Kong people love their electronics.  When you visit HK, you will notice everyone constantly with their head down busy with their mobile phones.  If you take a minute to creep the screen of the stranger beside you, one will find their neighbor engrossed in matters not requiring their immediate attention: facebook and instagram updates, playing candy crush and watching tv.  As such, Hong Kong is a haven for all things electronics.  They love to embrace gadgets that allow them to consume media (and bandwidth) at a alarming rate.  Mobile phones are status symbols which require constant update rather than serving a utilitarian purpose.  As the majority of the population craves new phones, there exists a large secondary market for second hand phones and electronics.

Sham Sui Po is a district on the Kowloon side where anything gadget related can be found.

This gentleman’s business is devoted to solely selling magnets of all shapes and sizes.

2014-06-29 17.00.41

It’s a modern day everyday flea market with a dogs breakfast of assortment.  Cellphones, watches, flashlights, record players, power tools, anything you can think of which requires a power source to run; this place will have.  Dre Beats for $20 HKD, cellphone cases $50 HKD, nato straps $35 HKD and knick knacks.

2014-06-29 17.01.35-1 2014-06-29 17.02.34  2014-06-29 17.00.57  2014-06-29 17.01.08 2014-06-29 17.07.56

With shops bursting with used electronics, bring your poker face.  The initial price will always be market value.  One can generally negotiate the final price of a used cellphone or tablet to 50% of market value.  The shops do a lot of business in trade so you can gauge the quality of your deal instantly by going to another shop and asking them to quote their purchase price.  I got suckered on my first used cellphone purchase, HTC One (the first iteration of Dre beats) for $2600.  I took it to a second shop to see their buy back price only for the shop owner to tell me he won’t go near HTC phones as they are impossible to offload.  I should have paid max $1500.  Learn from my mistake.  Research the phone market price first and work the deal.  You can really nickle and dime these guys.  The cellphone guys also sell many version of China phones – think fake Samsung Notes.  If you have an old piece of electronic equipment which you plan to keep forever for nostalgic, Sham Sui Po’s giant flea market would be the source to pick up spare parts to keep it ticking into the future.

A lot of traders in SSP buy large volumes of electronic gadgets to resell back home – obsolete phones by Asia and North American standards but state of the art in Africa.


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