A better bubble tea and milk tea – Ten Ren Tea

Posted: June 29, 2014 in drinks, tea
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Ten Ren’s Tea shops have been sprouting all over Hong Kong.  It’s a bubble tea outfit from Taiwan.  The locations will always have long lines.  I figure it would be nice to try a different take on bubble tea, one using real tea rather than powder.  Cold teas cost $20, hot teas $15.  They have a wide assortment.  We ordered the 913 Kings oolong milk tea (the best seller) and green tea with milk.  The oolong had a much stronger flavour while the green tea was fragrant.  Both taste right with the low sugar option.

2014-06-21 16.49.36

The milk teas hit the spot, to the point where I was craving it the next day.  After watching them make it this time around, I would imagine the part that gives it the taste is the fact it’s made in the Taiwan tradition.  Hong Kong milk teas cater to the local taste buds so off to 759 and City Super to sample Taiwan teas.  I need to find a version that tastes similar but with a lower price point so I can consume on a daily basis.

2014-06-22 18.28.00-2

I found this puppy at 759.  Oolong tea with honey for $5.90

2014-06-22 18.31.11

It taste similar so I had to buy another ten ren tea to confirm.  Success.

2014-06-22 18.29.15

Ten Ren Teas make a ideal drink for a hot summers day if you happen to stumble upon one.  In the event its not convenient, the 759 version for 1/3 price taste similar.  Hong Kong milk teas are delicious in their own right but they cost the same amount but you get half the serving size.  HK milk teas also lack the tapioca pearls and seem to have a large caffeine content as it does a great job of keeping me awake.  The TW versions have a noticeable lack of caffeine and taste better.  I think the large majority of TW drinks in the supermarket taste good.  City Super imports TW’s barley drink which is another stable for HK diets.  I bet the teas would go very well with vodka laced into the mix.

Singapore has martell & green tea and HK has chivas & green tea.  I’ll start mixing macallan & oolong tea to make it expensive and healthy.

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