New Craft Beer Bar on Staunton Street in Central – Craft Beer & Co.

Posted: June 26, 2014 in beer
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Another new craft beer bar in Central.  Craft Beer & Co. is on the corner of Old Bailey and Staunton.  Little Lab on Staunton and Aberdeen finally has competition.  Craft Beer & Co. has a wide assortment of artisanal beverages on tap.  I recognize Young Master Ales, a local HK brewery and a few of their Aussie selections (8wired).  I believe they have a total of 16 taps with 8 taps rotating.  They broadcast all the big sporting events.  For their launch party, they were free flowing Young Master Ale’s Mo Mo Wit.  It was my first time tasting the Mo Mo Wit and I was looking forward to the flavours.  It must be the rain as I could not identify the mandarin orange peels and spices that are suppose to be prevalent in this wheat ale.  I found it very light and refreshing.  Better tasting than the normal big brewery slop.



This was one party done right.  The guys were inclusive with a small booth set up by the escalators to invite anyone and everyone over.  Free flow beer and german sausages for all.  It’s a far cry from the HK norm of grand openings featuring guards at the door with girls holding clipboards awaiting their VIP guests.  There is a big difference between VIP guests and normal general public.  The VIPs prevalent in HK show up solely for the limelight, to be seen and have their photos taken; they don’t pay.  They will not become repeat customers.  Thank you Craft Beer & Co. for making your grand opening celebration open to everyone.  I hope the guys do well.  I’ll be back tonight for the USA vs. Germany game.  Go USA!!




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