If you get sick or run low on prescription drugs while in HK…

Posted: June 22, 2014 in POV
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If your body decides to no longer cooperate during your travels in Hong Kong, the public hospitals are free.  The only trade off is the que for emergency services is quite long.  There’s no way around it unless you travel out to the suburbs away from the crowds.  If you get into a scuffle while partying in Lan Kwai Fong, the ambulance will take you to the Queen Mary Hospital in Pok Fu Lam.  They will patch you up, give you all the medication you require and send you on your way.  All free of charge.  The only thing lacking is the after care service to which there is none.

Hong Kong lacks pharmacies.  Doctors charge $200HKD for a visit after which they dispense the drugs to make you better.  You can also self medicate.  On busy streets, you can find the stores selling milk powder, soap, home cleaning supplies and other hygiene essentials.  Look for the stores with giant Red Cross, it denotes access to drugs.  They have every prescription drug imaginable, all available over the counter.  Tylenol 3s, codeine cough syrups, oxycodone, xanax, ambien, adderall, lyrica, vicodine, viagra and cialis.  Generic or major label, all for a price less than the cost back home.

HK may be an avenue to replenish your supply of prescription drugs that no longer have government subsidies back home.  Big Pharma is huge back home where they actively price gouge to drive profits while their drugs are under patent protection.   The drugs are available in Asia for a significantly lower price and available over the counter.  Please don’t abuse prescription drugs, it’s bad.  Welcome to drug heaven.

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  1. joe cannizzaro says:

    Hi Chuck, I just read your article. Have had all kinds of trouble getting my adderall prescription filled here. Can you tell me specifically where the stores with the “red cross” on them are that would carry it? Thanks for your help. I really appreciate it. joe

    • They are everywhere in Hong Kong. I can take better photos of the stores if you send me an email. The big chains will have actual pharmacists on staff. the local stores are the equivalent of a small north American General store so they will stock things dettol, shampoo, soaps, etc. Walk inside and speak to the guys and they will be able to give you both branded and generic. Which area in Hong Kong are you in?

  2. Mo says:

    Hi there. Just found your site and am wondering if it’s up to date? I’m in HK for a couple of days and want to refill my Monafodil Rx but was told at Fonda (I think that’s the name) that it isn’t available in HK…do you have any specific good pharmacy recommendations?

  3. Julise says:

    Hi there, I run out of xanax and not sure where to get in nearby. I live in hollywood road, any of the drug store you mention nearby? Do they speak english? Should i print out a translator or something?
    Thanks you so much for your help

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