Shek O – Thai Food heaven

Posted: June 8, 2014 in dinner, lunch
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Shek O is HK’s beach and bbq area.  It is a little ways away from the main island so you get peace and quiet if you going during the weekday.  The double decker #9 bus takes you to Shek O after you leaving Shau Kei Wan MTR station.  In Shek O, you have low rise apartments, beach living and thai restaurants all along the main roads.  It’s the end stop after a long hike through HK’s famed Dragon’s Back trail.

The busiest Thai Food restaurant would be Happy Garden.  I walked along the whole strip during lunch time and Happy Garden was the only restaurant spilling out onto the walk way.  There’s a non asian food restaurant across the street but their set lunch starts at $200/person (lacking clientele during my visit).  The majority of the locals and construction workers were eating at Happy Garden to which I will gladly follow.  It’s busy for a reason and with the crowds that gather they cannot be serving bad food.

2014-06-05 13.37.34


The best dish would be their deep fried pork chop on rice.  I made the mistake of ordering red curry with chicken which was normal.  The deep fried pork chop was spectacular.   The pork chops were cut into bite size and covered in a mountain of fried garlic and chilli peppers.  It’s part of the lunch special menu, #9 on the menu sells out quick – deep fried fillets on curry.  Underneath the layer of meat and garnish hides vegetables making it quite the balanced diet.

2014-06-05 13.11.43 2014-06-05 13.07.19 2014-06-05 13.07.16

I had to resort to adding the deep fried garnish goodness onto my curry rice to give it extra flavour.  A small pittance of correction for my lack of doing recon prior to ordering.  Next time, look at your neighbors to see their orders and be sure to ask the waitress for the exact same dish.

2014-06-05 13.21.01


Each lunch special includes a bowl of soup and a drink for $38.  A cold drink is an additional $5.  At the $30 level, they serve soup noodles.  The young coconut drink is $28 when they have it in stock.

2014-06-05 13.01.44


Shek O is a laid back town off the beaten path and away from the hustle and bustle.  There are general stores across the parking lot from the beach selling everything from swim trunks to snorkels.  Old ladies rent lawn chairs for $30 and sun umbrellas for $60.  Another thing to do at Shek O is BBQ.  Shek O has many public fire pits and small businesses which operate in the outskirts of the beach under tree cover offering private fire pits.  The private fire pits cost $200 for 4 hours of grilling.  You are more than welcome to bring your own food and drink.  For the lazy, they also have a limited selection of typical BBQ fares – hot dogs, beer etc.  It would be wiser to marinate your own food and bring your own drink.

One thing to note is the public beaches located in HK are quite dirty.  Best bet to bring a set of spare clothes and flip flops.

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