Sijie – Sichuan Food in Causeway Bay (better than Qi)

Posted: June 4, 2014 in dinner, food, lunch
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Sijie started out as a private kitchen but now they are a fully functional restaurant with low prices and great food.  Most Sichuan restaurants add a lot of hot peppers to their dishes in the hopes of making it more authentic but it numbs my tongue to point I can no longer differentiate flavours.  Sijie is different.  It has the spice you expect for Sichuan food but without the big burn.  As typically found in Sichuan food, irrespective of the amount and regularity to which I eat my stomach has yet to develop the ability to process.

Cold cucumbers to start.  It’s refreshing but spicy at the same time, perfect way to prepare the stomach for the impending heat.

2014-05-23 12.36.04



The Boiled Fish dish (Shuizhu style) with bone less fillets.  The dish has fish, glass noodles and mushrooms cooked in water, oil and chillis.  It’s spicy with a slight tinge of numbing sensation from the Sichuan peppers.  I love the presentation of this dish.  It comes in a large bowl with floating chilli and fillets.  You dig into it to find the mushrooms and noodles.  There’s no way to avoid the heat



The dish is different and better than Qi.  At Qi, they spend time at your table taking out all the chillis.  No fluff here.  Just affordable and great tasting with larger and more abundant fillets of fish.

The stereotypical stir fry beans with meat sauce.



They have $50 specials during lunch time.  You will need to call ahead to ensure room for your party as they book out quickly.  I could not get a reservation for dinner so had to settle for dinner during lunch time.   This is now my go-to Sichuan restaurant in HK.

  1. Charms says:

    Better than Qi!? You’ll have to take me there!

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