Another round of street food – tail end of May

Posted: June 1, 2014 in dinner, food, lunch
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I spent the past two days shoveling glorious street food into the stomach.  This time I made sure to only order food worth ingesting.  The best part was consuming with wine.  It goes down better with fermented grape juice.

Thursday Night – May 29, 1014.

2014-05-29 20.00.01 2014-05-29 20.04.04 2014-05-29 20.13.41 2014-05-29 20.48.32


The first three dishes cost $192.  Friend clams were good, the sauce made the alcohol taste even better.  The fish was fresh and the lemon sauce was lacked acidity this time around.  The chicken skewers were purchased at the thai restaurant, $78 for half a dozen or $150 for a full dozen.  We ordered the half dozen with a mix of pork and chicken.  Order the chicken as the pork was too dry.  Chinese food requires strong red wines to cut through all the sauce or cold white wines to constantly refresh the palette.  Next time we go on a hot evening, we will stick to refreshing fruity white wines.


Friday May 30, 2014.

2014-05-30 12.45.51

Lunch – Wong Chuk Hang cooked food centre’s thai food restaurant.  $40 for hainanese chicken rice, soup and a cold drink.  The rice lacked the glistening oil flavour that I love but they did fulfill my request for chicken breast.  Their dip sauce lacked spice found in other hainanese chicken rice, it didn’t have the sambal kick which they replaced with fermented beans.  The cold drinks cost $16 via a la carte so if you do order another drink, ask for beer at $15 for the big boy bottles.  I wouldn’t eat here again.

Dinner – I went back to the Chongqing Chicken Pot restaurant inside the Smithfield Cooked Food Centre to order their salad.  $98 and they only make it on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  Pictures below.  It’s tasty.  The green sauce is not wasabi you would expect on salmon sashimi.  It’s heavy in cilantro with a spicy kick.  There’s also a seasame sauce and deep fried julienned taro bits.  Their chicken pot has a iberico ham option, the owner told me it makes the chicken pot taste better.  I’ll try it next time.  The salad dish arrives with all the ingredients separate in neat little stacks.  You mix it all together.


2014-05-30 19.09.14 2014-05-30 19.09.37-1 2014-05-30 19.09.37-2

Finished product, like so. 2014-05-30 19.12.07



Monday is a holiday to which Chinese make zhongzhi to celebrate.  It’s the sticky rice wrap shaped in a triangle with beans, egg yolk and salted pork.  $12-$14 is the cost to purchase at the local stores but if its a gift, people splurge and purchase the wraps made with high end ingredients – abalone, scallops, sharkfin etc.

2014-05-31 08.57.57


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