Giovanni Vincenzo Pannunzio’s Malbec 2011 – Argentina’s finest.

Posted: May 26, 2014 in wine
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Winery: Giovanni Vincenzo Pannunzio

Appelation: Argentina’s Mendoza Province in Barrancas, Maipú.

Nose – strong alcohol, vanilla  and oak.

Taste – easy to drink and pairs well with strong foods.  It’s a strong wine with 14.2% alcohol, full body profile with apples, plums, strawberries and cherries.

Price – $100 HKD.

The wine should do well in Asia.  It’s flavour profile is strong in all tangible measures which is very popular in Asia.  They love full body strong tasting wines over here.  It has a short after taste which does not linger making it very easy to consume in large quantities.  It should pair well with dishes loaded with sauce or seared meat.  I would love to drink this wine over hot pot as the flavour profile would balance sichuan spice.

I met the importer a few weeks back, loved the taste of the wines and figure it would be best to showcase it as Asia is in dire need to get out of their infatuation with all things French wines.  This wine is made in the most traditional sense without anything artificial inside.  The supermarket variety at similar price points meet the bare minimum for the wine label with artificial colours, yeast and other things added to the grape juice to give it the proper taste.

Nacho is the importer of all things Giovanni Vincenzo Pannunzio.  He only reps one winery, making it very easy for me to support him.  Too often importers have too many brands within their umbrella making it impossible to cut through all the noise.  It also makes it very easy for one to find wines to love as they become one stop shopping for their customers.  I find it best to support the importers whose sole mandate is to go against the grain, to bring a product to market which is under served and to show there are more to wines than just French.  You can reach Nacho at

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