Dumplings, Traditional Beijing Style

Posted: May 20, 2014 in food, lunch
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Northern China Cuisine found inside the Queen Street Cooked Food Market.  It’s a small shop crammed inbetween ABC’s fusion italian offering.  They serve a variety of dumplings and once its sold out for the day, they close the shop.  Closing times varies but if you go during dinner service, the variety available will be lacking.  The best time to go would be lunch as they have their full menu available.  They specialize in dumpling to which the diner can chose the cooking method – fried or steamed.  I tend to go with the steamed option as I find the flavours much cleaner than the fried variety.

The menu options offer 7 varieties.  The dumplings are either filled with lamb or pork.  The rest of the dumpling will provide a different take on the two filling by offering chives, celery and other vegetables.  They have an english menu which makes ordering very easy.  Price range about $30 for 10 steamed dumpings.  Fried dumplings cost an extra $3/order.  Each order comes with a bowl of soup.  You’re suppose to dunk the dumplings into vinegar to give it a kick.  It also makes it a healthy option.



Queen Street Cooked Food Market is tiny compared to the Sheung Wan Market down the street.  There are only 5 restaurants inside: Thai, Indian, Chinese, fusion Italian and Beijing dumplings.  I prefer this place for lunch rather than dinner.  Its quite the sight to watch diners eat fusion Italian on cafeteria seating with table cloth sipping their own wines.



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