Savor the Mediterranean – Israel wine Yarden’s Galilee Merlot

Posted: May 18, 2014 in wine
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Another gift from the Mediterranean region, this time from Israel.  Kosher wines.  Yarden wines are made in the Golan Height region of Israel.  It’s suppose to be easy to drink.  It smells better than it tastes.   I enjoyed the nose but did not appreciate the taste.  This is one component to wine drinking that bothers me, wines may have a wonderful nose but the taste seems to always be lacking.  Yarden’s Merlot had a garlic nose.  I was expecting the wine to be reminiscent of vegetables from the garlic family, onions, chives and leeks so it was with great dissatisfaction that I encountered a sweet finish with a buttery shortbread aftertaste.  It’s enjoyable to sample something outside the norm but Yarden’s wines are pricey.  I was able to find the wine inside the private kitchen of a Mediterranean Restaurant in Wong Chuk Hang.

2014-05-05 16.56.42


Winery: Yarden’s Golan Heights Winery

Price $300HKD at the retail level.

24 hrs later, the wine is still good to drink.  It still taste similar to grape juice but now has a more vegetable taste.  I enjoyed unmasking the tomatoes in the finish.



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