Turkish Food at the Marco Polo Hotel’s Three on Canton

Posted: May 17, 2014 in dinner, lunch
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Marco Polo Gateway Hotel buffet restaurant Three on Canton will be serving Turkish food for the next 2 weeks on top of their already massive buffet spread.  To this end they have flown in three executive chefs from their sister hotel Rioxs to prepare all the food.  I went to the opening party last night and got to sample Turkish Opulence.  I was too busy eating and talking with my mouth full to take pictures.  Lamb stew, braised chicken, beef meatballs and turkish rice in a tomato sauce were the main courses.  Appetizers ranged from cheese balls and hammus to lentils and tomato pesto.  I don’t think the plan to dial down the turkish spices for local taste buds so one can expect the full flavours to reveal itself.

Turkish teas, softdrinks and alcohol were also available.  If you do go, try the Raki mixed with a touch of water to give it a cloudy complexion.  It has a taste profile similar to licorice and burns all the way down.  Three on Canton also has a outdoor patio to enjoy Shisha – Be on Canton.  It would seem the hotel and restaurant is rolling out all the stops for the Hong Kong market to enjoy Turkish culture.  It’s sad that the Hong Kong market only appreciates fine foods with most restaurants catering to the dining concept charging over the top pricing niche.

The Turkish food for the next two weeks at Three on Canton will be available for lunch and dinner.



Three on Canton will also be serving Turk alcohol – wines and beer.  Beer is typical large production big brewery piss, not the craft beers that are currently all the rage.  Wines are from the Kavaklidere stable to which I am all too familiar.  They’re good but if you must, drink the Kocabag variety because they’re small production and low intervention.



I’ll do a better review with pictures and interviews for a subsequent follow up.  I left my usual Press go-bag at home this time around.


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