Torre Castillo’s Reserva, Spanish red wine – a subsequent drink.

Posted: May 17, 2014 in wine
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2014-03-13 10.26.22

Spanish wines at a low price point, Torre Castilllo’s wines seem priced to perfection for the Chinese market.  The website shows a China company as the sole distributor for the wines so one may suspect the entire production is earmarked for the export market.  The wine doesn’t taste half bad and the price point warrants affordable consumption.  The Reserva does have grape pulp if you leave it overnight.  I had another bottle after to drink after the first review.  Let the wine decant for an hour first, you’ll find flavours of strawberries and chocolate on top of the normal grape juice taste.  Buy it to taste because it’s not a wine that is widely available and you won’t find it in the supermarkets.  In fact, buy any wine that is not available through super market channels as they will likely be made in the old world traditions.

I paid $100 HKD for a bottle.

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