Mexican food in HK, Little Burro.

Posted: May 16, 2014 in dinner, lunch
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It’s an ongoing battle to find decent Mexican food in Hong Kong.  Socialito has tacos but at $60 a pop it’s cost prohibitive.  Brickhouse serves Mexican food but it caters more to the happy hour, trendy, I-go-to-be-seen type of crowd.  Mr. Taco Truck makes a decent burrito in a large portion but lacking in taste department.  Tequilla Jacks in TST east is alright but I wouldn’t venture over unless its a Tuesday and even then I can make better for $10 with a microwave.  This takes us to Little Burro.  Their sole location is in Causeway Bay and they are in the midst of a new location in Sheung Wan on Upper St.

Back home, one pays $2 USD per taco from the food trucks and authentic Mexican restaurants.  Burritos cost $6-8.  Chipotle burritos cost $8 and its made with free range meats, everything made inhouse with minimal intervention.  A health nuts dream meal.  Guacamole is extra but insignificant in the surcharge.  It’s time to run the comparison to Little Burro.

Little Burro is reminiscence of the Chipotle model, everything done inhouse yada yada.  It’s tasty and it will feed one person for one meal.  Chipotle size would feed one person for one day.  On first glance Little Burro does a good job of a HK burrito but it comes no where near to matching its California roots.  Burritos start at $58, guacamole is a $25 option and chips & salsa is another $28.  Chips and salsa is a side option and arrives in a trendy brown paper bag.  Chips were baked and lacked taste, the thin cut lacked the density to handle the salsa.  My fist for comparison.  I may be better off making salsa and buying chips at the supermarket.  Avocados are expensive (2 for $14 at ParknShop) but nowhere near $25 price point.  I ordered the chipotle BBQ chicken and it was lacking in taste.  Each bite required a dab of hot sauce for flavour.

I have now been to Little Burro on two occasions.  One time at their soft opening to which the burritos were Chipotle size and most recently within the past week where I notice the burritos are now down to HK size.  I was able to finish one on my own and still have room for other things.  To this point I decided to take a stroll around the neighborhood to find a street full of restaurants on the opposite side.  Little Burro is ideal for a quick fix in curbing Mexican food cravings if you happen to be in Causeway Bay.  If in Central or Quarry Bay, look to Mr. Taco Truck.



Little Burro will need to offer better value for the money and lower the price for guacamole for me to return for a subsequent visit.  It’s another restaurant to add to my list of Mexican food joints in Hong Kong.  It’s not terrible by HK standards as it can get a lot worse – Tequilla Jacks.  In typical HK style, we always get the watered down version of the foods we take for granted back at home.


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